South West Grounds Maintenance

South West offers both residential and commercial
services for winter & summer property maintenance.

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Matt Kember

Leah Kember

Sid Formosa

Co Langlois

Matthew Durance

Ed Gilgeous

Kara Yoke

Nick Gibbons

Chase Showers-Gark

Esther Kember

Dan Kember

Jeff Cox

Chelsey Prins

Sarah Goebel

Brian Jackson

Willy Linker

Nate Kember

Shem Kember

Jeroen Bos

Chris McCallum

Brent Langstaff

Trevor Duncan

Drew Prins

Mike Bos

Scott Pepper

Jamie Kember

Amy Langstaff

Donald MacKenzie

Anna Kember

Julie-Ann Kember

Randy Lambert

Sylvia Devingt

Harold Peters

Jered Kember

Jonathon Yates

Jacob Marcoux

Michael Hogg

Andrew Kember

Rose Linton

Concerned About Liabilities?

We are fully licensed and Insurance with a combination of two million dollar liability and Workmen's Compensation Insurance. Just one more way we deliver a stress-free experience from start to finish.

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Health & Safety Policy




We Value Our Customers

We are knowledgeable and courteous
We work with our customers to find solutions
We deliver on our promises

We Treat Our Customers With Respect

We are responsible, professional and ethical
We encourage open and honest communication
We value diversity in people and perspectives

We Take Pride in Our Work

We strive for excellence
We are trained, prepared and equipped
We recognize, celebrate and reward success

We Care About Our Community

We sponsor, support and serve in our local community

Who Does the Work?

Our valued craftsmen are full-time employees of South West who take great pride in delivering the best possible product.

Our goal is to ensure quality and care in every project unlike contracted installers who just want to finish the job as quick  as possible.

You will see that our team at South West is set apart in many ways from the competition.