In-House Vinyl Production

Southwest's Vinyl Division is located in Petrolia, ON and operates out of our spacious 4000 square foot facility. Here we store all of our raw vinyl and process it using a state of the art CNC cutter. Our product is then packaged and sent out to our fence & deck installers or picked up by contractors to use for their own projects. If you've hired us to construct a vinyl fence/rail or purchased parts for your own DIY project, this is where it all begins.

Our Products

Vinyl Fences

Whether you need privacy, or a protective barrier for your children or pets, vinyl provides an ideal combination of durability, strength, color consistency and excellent weathering capabilities. Vinyl fences and railings have become the new standard because they free homeowners from the tedious chore and expense of painting or staining their fence and railings. No expanding, shrinking, twisting or warping that is inherent to wood will be found in vinyl fence and railing products. South West will work with you to custom design and build a fencing and railing solution that is backed by our 15 Year Installation Warranty.


Privacy Flat Top

Privacy Flat Top with
Accent Rail

Privacy T&G with Lattice Top

Privacy with 2x2 Top


Semi-Privacy Flat Top

Semi-Privacy Flat Top with Accent Rail

Semi-Privacy with Lattice Top

Semi-Privacy with 2x2 Top


Picket Flat Top

Picket Scallop Top

Picket Reverse Scallop Top


Four Rail

Three Rail

Two Rail

Colour Options


Posts & Caps

With 4 styles to chose from, post caps can adda unique element of design to your fence.Posts are also available in three different sizes: 4"x 4", 5"x 5", 6"x 6"

Vinyl Railings

Tired of constantly staining and painting your old railings? Looking for a fresh new look for your home? Then low-maintenance vinyl is the solution for you. With several different colors and styles to choose from, we are sure to provide that perfect accent for your home. Each and every vinyl rail system is custom built with pride and precision on our state-of-the-art, computerizedCNC boring machine. We install our railings onto your existing decks, porches and stairs with little to no limitations.

Azar/ Azek Railing

Double Top Railing

Glass Panel Railing

Railing Color Choices

Slate Grey
Vinyl gates are available to match the design and style of our fences. Self-closing, self-latching and locking hardware is available to complete the installation of your vinyl perimeter or pool fence. Double-wide vinyl gates are also available.