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The Facts About Pressure-Treated Wood

Wood is our only renewable natural resource, and provides thousands of products to improve our lives. Wood's advantages to the construction industry are many. It can be worked and fabricated on the job; it is strong; has a great insulation value and can be finished in a variety of ways; it has warmth and an eye-appealing tone. It has limitless possibilities for creative design inspirations, and is the most economical building material from the standpoint of both material and labor. Wood creates a congenial atmosphere in which to live and work. It is only natural that we preserve all these excellent characteristics for as long as possible, and above all, preserve wood to make it last as long, if not longer, than other building materials.

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The New Living Room: Taking Your Backyard to the Next Level

Turning the backyard into an outdoor living retreat is one of the hottest trends among Canadian homeowners. It makes sense: With televisions, computers and phones in nearly every room of the house, the backyard deck is the final safe haven from life's pressures. Escaping to a quiet corner of the yard provides a necessary respite.

But don't be fooled: Creating a truly relaxing setting takes more than a laid back approach. There is work to be done before it will feel like a restful place. However, taking the time to do some thoughtful planning and creative thinking will pay off in a big way that will make your deck a favorite spot for your whole family.

Today's decks are a far cry from the rectangular slabs of yesterday. They serve different purposes than simply sunbathing and grilling, and so they are being designed and built accordingly. In developing your own concept for an outdoor retreat, be sure to consider the Layout, Decking Materials, and the Decorating.

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