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Concrete Style Options

When it comes to the look and feel of your concrete project, we've got a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Take a look through the galleries below to see some of our completed projects.

Pre-Cast Products

Unlike concrete that is poured onsite, precast concrete is produced in a controlled  environment through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques. In order to create precast concrete, concrete is poured into reusable and adjustable moulds before being vibrated and cured.

Large Block - Flat Top

Large Block - Regular Top

Large Half Block - Flat Top

Large Half Block - Regular Top

What we offer

For 20 years, the concrete division of Southwest Fence & Decks has consistently produced quality work in designing and managing many residential, commercial and industrial concrete construction projects in and around Lambton County.

We offer "on-demand" concrete for all of our concrete projects including: Patios, porches, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and more.

Concrete StylesPre Cast Products

Benefits of On-Demand Concrete

Volumetric Cement Truck

Time Saving

Ready mixed concrete is mixed in a controlled environment, measured precisely and blended together right when you need it
The concrete does not need to be stored on site, so storage costs are totally eliminated. Less labour is required  through the
whole process


The ingredients of concrete are readily available and sourcing them has a lesser impact on the environment than other building materials. Any leftover materials from the creation of the concrete can be reused or recycled, too.

Lower Cost & Greater Quality

The resilience, strength and durability of concrete means that buildings constructed from it will remain in good condition for years on end. With ready mix concrete, the consistency and quality is guaranteed, meaning sturdier, longer lasting structures.

What We Operate

We own and operate a custom built, state of the art volumetric cement truck that auto-calculates every mixture with incredible precision. This machine at the hands of one of our talented operators produces thousands of meters of beautiful looking, superior quality concrete every year. Proud to call this one of our fleet!

Concrete Color Options

Colours shown are approximate laboratory samples made with type-1 portland, tan sand,
Color-Crete pigment and 4" slump.


Pecos Beige


San Jose Buff

Austin Buff

Phoenix Tan

Sand Buff

Desert Tan

Autumn Brown


Yuma Gold




Terra Cotta

Tile Red

Brick Red

Tahoe Red

Cherokee Red







Soft Gray

Silver Gray

Euro Gray

Dark Gray


Speciality Concrete Color Choices



Euro Slate


Philly Blue

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